NFL Content Preview & Special Announcement

With the PGA season dwindling down and no cut events behind us, we will be gearing up our NFL content for 2017.  Before we get into what to expect from our NFL content, we are excited to announce Miles Gibson will be joining our team at Daily Fantasy Press.  Miles brings a solid history in DFS under the username RogueGremlin.  We are excited to have Miles on board to strengthen our content we provide each week.  We first met Miles while visiting our nation’s capital city over numerous, and I mean numerous, beverages.  We are excited what Miles brings to the table with his background in fantasy sports.

Week 1 of NFL is here and we are ready to rock and roll after grinding out PGA to build bankroll for these lucrative prize pools.  We will be rolling out our favorite picks at each position broken down by each price tier.  We will also be providing an in depth game by game breakdown to help you create your building blocks for research.  Let’s crush this NFL season similar to how our followers crushed the PGA season!

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