Week 7 DVOA Report & Vegas Totals

DVOA Rankings

For those of you not familiar with DVOA (created by Football Outsiders), it is a method of evaluating teams, units, or players. It takes every single play during the NFL season and compares each one to a league-average baseline based on situation. DVOA measures not just yardage, but yardage towards a first down:

Five yards on third-and-4 are worth more than five yards on first-and-10 and much more than five yards on third-and-12. Red zone plays are worth more than other plays.

Performance is also adjusted for the quality of the opponent. DVOA is ranked below: 1 being the best run or pass DVOA, and 32 being the worst.

[infogram id=”ad7740f6-a6bb-4a51-94de-ca1a4392791e” prefix=”mq9″ format=”interactive” title=”Week 7 DVOA”]

Vegas Team Implied Totals

We update Vegas team totals on Wednesday each week. We will reflect any large line movements in our picks and Game by Game breakdown released later in the week. See the team implied totals below.

[infogram id=”07c444fb-5d28-4bcd-be62-4bdde9f80f60″ prefix=”WIw” format=”interactive” title=”Week 7 Team Implied Totals”]


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