Our Story

Daily Fantasy Press was created to provide insightful information to improve reader’s daily fantasy play.  Bgraffunder and mnduckfever08 (DK) / mnspyduck (FD) started playing daily fantasy sports back in Fall 2015 and haven’t looked back.  With a background in data and analytics, we can relay our weekly strategy to help reader’s gain an edge over the competition.

Brandon (bgraffunder) – I have been playing fantasy sports for about 15 years now.  A love for fantasy football transitioned to daily fantasy sports.  With much success in season long fantasy sports, I thought I would be able to easily use my knowledge to have an edge over the competition.  Boy, was I wrong!  There was a significant learning curve that I needed to overcome to be a successful DFS player.  The industry was much more advanced that I had thought.  I took the next year and a half to really understand each sport and what it would take to be successful.  NFL and PGA  have really been my “sweet spot” and I have increased my profitability each year.  I hope to use this website to not only provide useful information to our readers but to also advance my strategy as well.


Dan (mnspyduck) – My start to DFS was a pretty incredible one. In the first year playing MLB I took down the $3 squeeze on a single bullet for $10,000. I happened to be reading a book written by Jonathan Bales the week I won the big tournament and one of the chapters discussed how stacking west coast teams (like the Mariners) generally have lower ownership due to uncertainty of lineup changes. I took a stance on game theory and it paid off in one night. It is the subtle leverage plays like this that can really give you a leg up in a field of 50,000 entries. DFS is all about learning from your mistakes and we hope to highlight ours so you can learn from them.